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On this day in 1993, Ferruccio Lamborghini died at the age of 76. His is an interesting story with quite an unexpected twist.

Lamborghini was a:

Farmer, tinkerer, mechanic, POW, mechanic, entrepreneur, manufacturer, entrepreneur, tinkerer, entrepreneur, manufacturer, failure, grape farmer. That is the super quick timeline of Lamborghini's life.

His name is synonymous with fast expensive cars. He surely gets credit for the founding and direction of the company, but was he never able to reap the fruits of his labor related to his most famous brand.

Lamborghini was wildly successful and very wealthy, but not for the reasons we would think. Ferruccio founded Lamborghini Trattori in 1948 when he was 32. Only after years of growing his successful tractor company was he able to invest in his expensive hobby - cars. Ferruccio owned practically every brand of high-end sports cars, but none delivered the balance of speed and luxury he expected.

Because of his wealth and technical expertise, he decided to build what no other car maker could deliver. 15 years after starting his tractor company, he founded Automobili Lamborghini in 1963, when he was 47 to build a luxurious, road-ready vehicle that is super fast!

The business that made his name famous amongst car enthusiast, but that fame was only possible because of the wealth created by his ability to see the shift toward an agrarian economy and the mechanical know-how to fill the most basic farm need - a tractor.

His story is a great reminder that we don't ever know from where our successes will come and we don't know how our legacy will evolve. We just need to live everyday looking for opportunities to present themselves and be ready to act when they do. The rest will take care of itself.

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