Sir Nicholas Winton, another Hidden Hero

Be honest, Nicholas Winton, ever heard of him? I hadn't. His story is amazing. I started this page to remind myself that one person can make a real difference in this world. Nicholas Winton is the latest example. 

Born in 1909 in London to a bank manager and his wife. As normal as normal can be, and he had a heart for people. You can find more of his story here:

The short version is that Nicholas is directly responsible for saving the lives of 669 mostly Jewish children from the Nazis. He found them all homes, arranged for their transition to Great Britain. 

Think about this for a second, 669 young lives saved. Their is a picture at showing a throng of people gathered around Winton that included the children he saved along with their children, grandchildren and even their great grandchildren. 

One man making a way for some much. I've tried to find a "where are they now" to give an update as to the successes of those he saved with no quick luck. 

In 1988, the BBC surprised Winton and tracked down as many of the children as they could. Take a second and watch this. 

BBC special on Nicholas Winton

Every single person on this planet can make an impact on someone else's life... make it count. Look for the opportunities that are placed in your path today. 

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