Let Go and Let God!

Over the last weeks, I have had an absolute revelation, a testing of my faith and of my understanding of how God works. Watching events transpire around me has led to amazement and wonder, not in how God works, because I have seen Him do amazing things. My amazement is in my short memory, my miniscule perspective of the world and my complete blindness to an amazing point so clearly highlighted in scripture.

Really it comes back to two points. First, I am utterly disappointed in how little faith I have and how short my memory is when God so clearly reveals himself. Second, in so many instances in the Bible, God allows His people ring-side seats to witness his mighty power. I would like to look at the second before visiting the first.

Throughout the Bible in the accounts of Abraham, Moses, Gideon, and countless others, God calls his followers right down to the ring and seats us in the best seats to witness his overwhelming power. In battle after battle, we aren’t in the ring nor are we even in God’s corner assisting, we are in the good seats as simple observers. So often, we forget that we aren’t fighting, we are watching.

In Genesis 22, we have the story of Abraham beings asked to sacrifice his son only to be given an out in the final seconds. Then in Exodus, we watch God, through miracle after miracle, after obvious miracle take His people out of Egypt only to see the people pinned between the Red Sea and the Egyptian Army. The entire book of Exodus is a 12 round battle. Then we see the accounts of Gideon, Joshua, David, Samson, Daniel, and the list goes on. In all of these, we see God act in resounding fashion, but never at a distance. God waits until his people are right in the thick of panic, chaos, and self-doubt. God waits for us to realize we can’t do this. It’s physically impossible for us to win, and then, in that moment, God swoops in and saves the day without even breaking a sweat.

Could he accomplish his will without us? Does he need us to be in his corner? We all know the answer, no, he doesn’t need us. If that is the case, and I know that it is, why does he call us into these situations? Just to remind us of who is really in charge. We so quickly forget. In a matter of days or weeks we lose sight of what God has done. We become numb, and fall back into our routines. We attempt to pick up the gloves that God just took off and we struggle to make them fit, but they don’t.

Imagine a two year old walking around in his father’s shoes or wearing his father’s coat or in this case his father’s gloves. It’s clumsy and ineffective because these things weren’t made for the child. The child may be able to pretend for a couple of minutes. We may find the scene cute, but if the child were ever in real trouble, he needs his father to step in and take over.

God calls us into situations, not to save the world or even save ourselves, but just to watch him work. But Like Moses, we have to show up. That’s all God ask from us. Moses knew he wasn’t capable of doing what God called him to do, but he went for the show. Same with Gideon, and all the others, they knew they were woefully underequipped, but they went for the show. When God calls, if we don’t respond we’re going to miss a great show.

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